PRESS- The Congress in Sertãozinho will have a speeches of stars and more than 30% greater technology exhibition- 7/17/19

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The schedule is made up of 130 technology exhibitors and 47 speeches and debates, with stars such as  Fernando Schuller, who is  the curator of the project “ The Frontiers of Thought” and political commentator and journalist and agronomist Donário Lopes de Almeida, as well as the fields of research, politics and technologies


A few days before the Agricultural Aviation Congress of Brazil, the expectation is great for the edition of Sertãozinho, in the interior of São Paulo, which will be the largest agricultural aviation event ever held in Brazil. This year the annual meeting of the sector will have 130 exhibitors at their exhibitions of airplanes, equipments and technologies, an increase of more than 30% compared to last year. In the three auditoriums, there will be 47 speeches and debates with a focus on security, technologies, management and policies for the sector.


The event takes place from July 30th  to  August 1st  at the Zanini Exhibition Center (Marginal João Olézio Marques, 3,563 – next to Highway SP-322). Among the great news for this year are the Political and Research Forums, besides the participation of technology startups and the great presence of students. ” Among the more than 1,000 anticipated registrations, there are students from more than 50 educational institutions from different states, among university students and students of technical courses and even the staff of the local basic education network ” says Sindag CEO Gabriel Colle. ” In fact, among the exhibitors of technologies and services, we will have professionals from 11 countries,” he adds.


In the auditoriums, the highlights should be on behalf of the Research and Political Forums, in addition to speeches such as that of the philosopher, curator of “ The Frontiers of Thought” project and political commentator Fernando Schüller. He will talk about trends in Brazilian politics and the impacts on the country’s development. The subject of digitization in the field will be the responsibility of the agronomist and journalist Donário Lopes de Almeida, addressing the challenges and opportunities of the tools. Member of the Board of Rural Channel and technology enthusiast in the field, he will approach from the reduction of costs with advances in equipment, impact of the changes to the producer and the preparation for the new reality of the field.

Fernando Schüller will talk about policy trends and development impacts

Technology in the field will be the focus in the speech of Donário Almeida

The political scenario will also be in the  presentation of  Federal deputy and former Secretary of Agriculture of São Paulo, Arnaldo Jardim, who will talk about the work of the Parliamentary Front of Agriculture (FPA). This shortly before the forum that will bring together authorities and federal parliamentarians from the states and municipalities to discuss the issue.

“In the case of the Research Forum, we will have the presence of researchers from all over Brazil presenting what is currently generating academic knowledge and discussing with aeronautical entrepreneurs what research demands exist in the sector,” explains Colle. “The goal is not only to encourage the generation of more research, but also to bring them closer to the market, so that the results can be used immediately in the field.”

The schedule of the Congress also has talks on the reality of agricultural aviation in Europe, with the Spanish businessman Manuel Ignacio Fraile Moreno; on aircraft use in fire-fighting, with the major firefighter Rodrigo Tadeu de Araújo; “Beyond the use of biological products in applications and even presentations on aviation to the lay public and children,” the director adds.



Brazil has today the second largest and one of the best agricultural aviations in the world. Present in all regions and for more than 70 years innovating in leading technologies and with highly qualified staff of proven importance in the field. Not surprisingly, the agricultural aviation sector has never had a negative year in the growth of the fleet and in 2018 registered an increase of 79 aircrafts (five helicopters and 74 aircrafts). In the last 10 years, the positive balance was 51.6%.

The Congress held by Sindag attracts the world’s largest suppliers of aerial technology. From Brazil’s Embraer (which owns 60% of the national market) to North American Air Tractor (the world’s largest manufacturer of agricultural aircrafts). Passing through aircraft parts suppliers, spray systems and all embedded electronics – such as DGPS systems, which guide pilots with centimeter accuracy in each application, control the systems and even record the entire operation in tamper-proof files, generating maps of each mission. Not to mention the presence of authorities, politicians, businessmen, pilots, technicians and researchers.

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